It’s with great excitement that I am kicking off 2018 with the addition of this blog on my website. I have finally reached the point in my healing process that I am ready to share my story with more than just my current clients. I know that my story can help other women who are or have been through similar situations.  Women “like me” aren’t supposed to have stories like this, or at least that’s what I always believed.  Now I am open about the struggles and startling realities that I experienced enduring a marriage fraught with abuse, addictions and mental illness. But don’t get me wrong, even though my story had some very dark days – it led me to the greatest gift I ever could have imagined, truly awakening.  Without our darkest moments, we might never experience the true warmth of the sun shining upon our souls.  I began to understand that everything that had happened “to me” was put there to help me grow and become my highest self.  We all have struggles and lessons that we are destined to face and this particularly painful and difficult journey led me to finally understand just that.  I am no longer afraid of life. As I share my journey with others, this is probably the message dearest to my heart, I want to help others reject fear. I used to live every day in fear and now I wake up every morning knowing that everything will be what I need it to be. Life is nothing to fear!

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