Intentions & Our Physical Body

One morning in late September 2017, I set the strong intention that I would be in the best shape of my life when my divorce finalized in December 2017. I decided that I would start the next chapter of my life at my best; mentally, physically and spiritually. I had been stressed out by everything going on with the divorce and my ex-husband’s outrageous behaviors. I wasn’t overweight but didn’t like the way I looked. I just felt unhealthy, sluggish and knew that my outward appearance represented that much. I knew diving into my health was the most productive way to spend the last 3 months of the California mandatory divorce waiting period (it felt like some form of imprisonment). I am the sole caregiver to two amazing sons, who at the time were 1 and 4 years old. I had to enroll at a new fitness club and get us all used to the routine. Fortunately, many of the moms I know work out at a family friendly club near our home! I was hot on my new goal and ready to make it reality. Then some reality set in. There were many missed WEEKS at the gym that Fall due to illnesses, I even injured my foot on Thanksgiving Day and couldn’t exercise for over a week. Even with Halloween candy, Thanksgiving indulging and all my holiday baking, something interesting kept happening…. I kept gaining muscle and losing body fat. I was actively creating physical changes with the intentions my mind had set. When December 21, 2017 rolled around…. I can without hesitation honestly say that I achieved my goal. I was truly in the best shape of my LIFE. Yes, I worked out and watched what I ate… but not to the extent that should have been necessary to accomplish such a substantial goal. I spent my college years and all of my 20’s trying to achieve the body that my intentions and living a life of manifesting seemed to create so easily. Our thoughts are truly creating our physical reality.


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