Calm in the Storm

ACCF1C65-A2FF-43E0-A7B5-E5FA19BB6D49.jpegIt’s been a busy busy week around my house. In addition to the nonstop sickness invading my house through my two young sons, I had my water heater break and flood my garage. Little did I know at the time, this was the beginning of a very “energetically active” week (that’s what I like to call it when the Quantum Field, ie the “Universe” starts throwing lots of “excitement” my way!) While the gentleman installed my new water heater, my youngest son broke one of my front teeth during an epic temper tantrum. How dare I not let him go see all the action and fun of the repair man working. One matchbox car to the face and half of my front tooth was gone, but I guess that’s motherhood. The week rounded out nicely when my tire blew out during our leisurely Sunday drive for breakfast from Starbucks. Oops, I almost forgot to add my kitchen sink completely clogging last night after some meal prep sweet potato peels made it through the disposal but the drain didn’t like them. PREVIOUSLY, this would have knocked me out of a good energy space and totally thrown me off course. But instead, every event has been met with a deep and resolved inner calm. I know everything is happening as it is supposed to. Part of my journey and what I have recently been needing to understand, is that no matter what life throws my way- I CAN HANDLE IT and the Universe supports me.  Every one of this week’s “bad” things that happened was a gift to show me just how CAPABLE I am and just how perfectly the Universe supports us when we are living in Alignment🙏🏻❤️

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