Working from Home – Creating Peace in Chaos

Sitting this morning in peace and contemplation. There is so much beauty in every day, we just have to be fully present and see with our hearts (not just our eyes). As I sit at my desk this morning (enjoying my soy latte), I can hear giggles, toys crashing and a few screams (Mom of boys here) and feel so blessed to have this chaos in my home. We are the PEACE that is shared with the World and cannot let our chaotic daily environment affect our ability to hold that Peaceful space – especially when the sources of chaos are the greatest blessings we have. I know so many Moms who struggle with working from home when the children aren’t in school yet. I hope that we can all focus on creating our PEACE and holding that space. Our children are more intuitive (and connected to us) than they typically get credit for. There will always be days that are more challenging than others and require a little more flexibility, but I truly hope we can all focus on creating more space for Peace in our environments – you might be surprised at how the little ones follow suit 🙏🏻👩‍👦‍👦

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