Self Care & Alignment

I truly love when focusing on my Alignment manifests in the form of a luxurious manicure and pedicure. Living in Alignment for me requires attention to self care. It’s vital for me to take time out from running my business and the demands of motherhood to pamper my body and soul. Sometimes it’s in the form of a massage or mani-pedi and other times I don’t have the ability to even leave my house. On those occasions, I love energy & toxin cleansing foot baths (with salts and essential oils), activated charcoal soaks in my tub and nurturing hair treatments I can enjoy at home. I always advise clients to make sure that they are taking the time to love on themselves. Enlightenment and living in Alignment all begin with a strong foundation of Self Love. After all, you can only give to the world what you already have 🙏🏻💕

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