Finding Love after Abuse

It wasn’t until I finally got away from my abuser that I truly understood how disturbing my daily reality was. This photo was taken the night I celebrated my divorce being finalized, one of the greatest days of my life. Taking this photo I knew I was lucky to be alive, not everyone escapes an abusive marriage like mine. Taking this photo in the bathroom of my favorite restaurant that night, not only was I alive but I was already THRIVING. I’m here to let you know, there is light & life on the other side of abuse. There is a great love story waiting for you, you just have to be willing to accept it. This love will never hurt you, it will comfort you in the darkest hours and will only encourage you along your journey. This love will not be in the form of another person, this love comes from within. I have learned that before I can love another person in a healthy way, I needed to heal my own wounds and fully fall in love with myself.

Abuse leaves many of us with obliterated self confidence, sky high insecurities and major trust issues. This is all normal and natural.  When the most intimate relationship in your life turns violent and painful it will leave scars that need to heal. I am here to say that even the worst wounds will heal, but it requires work. You cannot continue to live a life repeating patterns and carrying baggage into new relationships – that’s how you create life long repeating cycles of pain and struggle.  I was fortunate enough to find Human Design, Gene Keys and some amazing spiritual teachers. I now share my own journey, knowledge and understanding with women in similar situations. We all deserve to heal and live our life’s journey with peace and love.

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