Embrace Fear to Release It

Today’s client work has me ruminating on this. Many of the energies we must acknowledge, accept and rise above are based at a low frequency level of fear. We can’t ignore the fear and hope it goes away. We cannot pretend it doesn’t exist while trying to “conquer it”. The process of moving past fear and ultimately living a fear free existence requires the willingness to embrace fear for what it is. We have a collective consciousness running on a fear based frequency. This fear energy effects all of us. Embrace fear, ruminate on it, meditate with it, and feel it for what it is. Fear is a liar. Fear is scared of fear, so we create a vicious cycle and become unable to accept it and we avoid it at all costs (fear of fear). Law of Attraction can lead some people to become petrified of fear – any fearful thought could bring something “bad” into their lives. This is the ultimate breeding ground for a vicious fear of fear cycle. The answer is so simple, our complex minds and systems of thinking don’t want to believe it. Embrace fear, feel it and finally fully realize that there is nothing to fear in this life experience. We are all connected as one consciousness. We are creating this life and reality to learn and grow, you can handle anything that comes your way when you change your perspective. Fear sucks the joy, abundance and full engagement out of our life experience- don’t let fear keep you from experiencing the most of this life!

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