G Center & Heart Chakra

The Human Design G-Center directly relates to the highest resonance of the Heart Chakra – the energy center for unconditional love, oneness, your higher self and your soul geometry in this lifetime.

The G Center is the center truly responsible for manifesting our reality and abundance of spirit in this life. We calibrate our energy frequency within the G Center and emit this energy out into the Quantum Field “Universe”. Our energy operates in a toroidal pattern- leaving our physical body into the infinite possibilities of the Quantum Field and then returning to us – it brings back experiences, people and material reality that are carrying that same frequency.

Let me teach you your unique Human Design – how to live your specific Type, Authority & Strategy – then begin calibrating your G Center to begin attracting into your physical reality all of the high quality experiences your soul desires. It’s not a cumbersome process when you have a professional coaching you every step of the way!

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