My Human Design Chart

I have decided to share my own Human Design Chart after a client mentioned it would be of interest to my clients. I completely agree and think it’s a fabulous idea.

I am a 5/1 Generator. My profile is that of the Heretic Investigator. I am here in this life experience as a teacher and guide to awakening and consciousness. My chart has a built in theme of “overcoming major Struggle”, being pushed to growth & awakening through “Shocking” events, and then ultimately becoming a teacher to help others understand how to live in Alignment. My life’s journey has followed this exact course – my Human Design Chart was startling the first time I saw it. Suddenly, everything made sense and didn’t feel chaotic. It created peace & calm in the stormy seas of my perceived turbulent life at that time. In true Investigator fashion, I dove into learning everything I could about Human Design and Consciousness.

I have many defined channels from the Spleen center. This center carries energy for intuition, survival instinct and time. Fear energies have always been my biggest challenge and I have discovered and developed many techniques to work through those low frequency energies that sabotage us. All of the gate energies within the chart can operate at a low frequency or be elevated to the highest expression of that gate and archetype. This type of spiritual and energetic coaching is my specialty. I am blessed with a highly intuitive sense that guides me on the journey with each client – helping them to elevate their energy frequencies and become the higher expression of themselves. Our Life Path and Soul’s Intention will begin to guide us like a gracefully choreographed dance as we elevate our energy to higher frequencies. This is the gift I share with every client and look forward to sharing with you!



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