When Manifesting Works

Another mantra for the week: “Think it, feel it, create it – ENJOY IT.”

Family of Origin conditioning, past experiences and tightly held limiting beliefs can sabotage our ability to hold on to the wonderful things we are manifesting into our lives. We are the creators of our reality. I have been coaching clients through releasing these deeply held fears so that they can finally enjoy the fruits of their manifestations. What you think and FEEL is creating your experience in this life – so trash the doubt! What happens when you manifest your dream job, ideal life partner, or an unexpected abundance of money? Do you fully embrace that you energetically deserve this experience or do you shift to fear and doubt? This is a serious issue when creating our reality. How do we hold onto the things we’re finally manifesting into our lives? Wasn’t healing our past wounds, raising our energetic frequency and countless hours of meditation enough?! Yes and No. You are now attracting experiences, people and abundance from the limitless Quantum Field that are in Alignment with your new vibration. The key is to fully embrace your new magnetic calibration and graciously accept what you attract from the Universe. Know in your Heart (G-Center) that if something is brought to you – it’s meant for you. You are worthy and deserving of all the greatest abundance and quality experiences the Universe has to offer you. Abundance is your birthright, it is all of our birthrights. We live in a limitless and abundant Universe that is here to support us all through our unique journeys.

Your unique Human Design chart will help us understand where your doubts, fears and struggles are coming from. We can work those energies and elevate your frequency so that you’re living a life you’re truly Designing and not falling into Life by Default. I think it’s time for you to create Your Designer Life! Order your Human Design Report or use our online booking to schedule a convenient appointment today 💫 #HumanDesign

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