Human Design Root Center

The Human Design Root center correlates to the Muladhara (first) Chakra – the center for adrenaline energy, stress and getting things done.

Understanding which of the 9 energy centers you have Open or Defined will help you understand how this center is affecting your daily life. An open Root center amplifies adrenal energy and creates tremendous pressure to get things done (many times this stress feels never ending). A defined Root center on the other hand can typically handle stress and pressure fairly well. The defined Root center has a pulsing energy and it is important to balance work and rest to ensure both mental and physical health. Physical exercise is also a good way for those with defined Root centers (especially Generator types) to expel energy and maintain physical health.

I look forward to teaching you more about your unique Human Design – how to live your specific Type, Authority & Strategy – then begin to leverage these energy centers to your benefit instead of living under mounting pressure and stress. It’s not a cumbersome process when you have a professional coaching you every step of the way!


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