Month of Manifesting

New Journals #allthefeels

I dedicated June to really embracing Manifesting. Being fully honest and vulnerable with myself about what I want to attract into my life. No ego. No judgment. No worrying about other people’s expectations or opinions. Just ME. And what I want to bring into my life.

I made the decision one evening and excitedly created the most vulnerable and honest vision board… putting it ALL out there. I know this all works and I have manifested and created amazing things in my life, but I still struggled to boldly and honestly ask The Universe for what I truly want. The morning after I did this…. My favorite Human Design practitioner and teacher announced her 14 day Manifesting challenge… nothing has ever felt more Aligned.

I am a Generator so I manifest the right opportunities, people and experiences into my life so that I may then act in RESPONSE. Understanding our unique Human Design and how we should be making decisions and interacting with The Universe is life changing. I use my type and decision making strategy when manifesting and creating the life of my dreams. We don’t all manifest the same way and shouldn’t try to, our unique Human Design means we must interact with the Quantum Field in different ways. Message me or visit my website for more information on Human Design and Manifesting your own Designer Life 💫✨

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