My name is Hillary Meister and I am a 5/1 Generator. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and gifts as a Human Design Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki energy healer. I discovered Human Design after years of studying various modalities and overcoming my own life struggles. Human Design brought together all of my life experiences and suddenly everything made “sense”. I do a lot of energy work with clients, centered around elevating frequencies and breaking through the low expressions of the gates and channels. I also work with many clients on family, relationship and business partnership dynamics through the lens of Human Design. I am a passionate transformative life coach for individuals truly committed to making major life changes. I offer charts, detailed written reports and telephone readings. I believe in a client led approach, empowering individuals to select what feels most aligned. My website offers convenient online appointment booking and the ability to order various detailed reports.  Life is a beautiful journey and I look forward to helping you live your best life!



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