Human Design

I would like to offer a brief introduction and overview of Human Design and explain how it can change your life. Human Design is a synthesis of both modern and ancient sciences, it gives us invaluable insight which allows us to better understand ourselves and make decisions that are truly aligned. The ancient Chinese I’Ching, Eastern & Western Astrology, Hindu Chakra System and Kabbalah Tree of Life are all harmoniously present.

Human Design uses the date, time & location of your birth to calculate planetary locations and generate your Human Design Chart, also referred to as a “BodyGraph”. This chart is a visual representation of the energetic flow within your system, your own unique blueprint for how you operate and interact with the world.

Your Human Design chart shows your Definition (anything colored in) and your Openness (anything left white). Definition is your consistent energy and feelings, and remains consistent throughout your life. Your openness is where you fall susceptible to conditioning from those around you, and can result in what Human Design calls the “Not-Self”.

Understanding your chart will provide you with a specific decision making strategy based on your Type and Authority. Your chart shows which of the five Types you are, and combined with your personal Authority, determines the strategy for making aligned decisions. Aligned decisions are those that have not been influenced by our conditioning or our overthinking mind which tries to force things into reality. Embracing Human Design can and will provide a sense of peace and trust in the Universe. When you begin to decondition yourself and follow your Type & Strategy, life becomes easy and flowing. The resistance just simply melts away.

Through Human Design you will have the opportunity to learn your Conscious “Personality” design and also your deeper Unconscious personality and intelligence. These two come together to paint the unique picture of YOU.

Profile is another basic component of Human Design. It adds further nuances to Design, diving deeper into what truly differentiates us. While you share certain characteristics with others, such as Type and Authority, the specific Profile takes you on your unique path through life. The Profile has been compared to wearing a specific costume for this life experience. It influences how we interact with and are seen by the outside world. There are 12 possible profile types in the Human Design System.

All of these elements come together to create a unique individual story. By embracing our inherent design, we can begin to decondition ourselves and live in alignment with our true selves. This leads to greater peace, joy and abundance in spirit. Life begins to flow and we live with ease. I look forward to delving deeper into your unique Human Design with you!

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